Best shipping label printer for Shopify

In the past, there was nothing like shipping labels, the products were wrapped in paper or box, and only a basic address was written. In today’s world, shipping labels have become a necessity as a large number of products are delivered all around the world. Without the proper label on the package, many delivery issues can arise.

Using a traditional printer for labels is a very slow process, and only a few dozen products may require an hour to customizing and printing labels for each product. The type of printer depends on your labelling requirements, whether you need pre-designed labels of a specific size or a customizable label printer. Mostly the Inkjet and Laser printers are due to high-quality printing with shipping label printer for shopify

The shipping label printers and software actually worth their value as there are numerous benefits to them. One of the best advantages of the shipping label printer is printing barcodes or QR Codes for easy tracking of the product. The label printers print self-adhesive labels and save extra time to paste the label on the package.

There is no doubt that choosing the right and the best label printer for Shopify could very time-consuming. All the listed reviewed products are of high quality and are budget-friendly. You must have a look at it if you are in need of a shipping label printer.

1)-Rollo Label Shipping Printer For Shopify:

When it comes to the shipping label printers, Rollo Label Printer is the very first name that is recommended by the experts. It is one of the best thermal label printers that prints without ink/or toner. This printer is also an affordable choice as it uses thermal printing, saving the cost of ink and toners.

With its USB connection, you can use it on any computer. It is used for printing barcodes, names of various sizes. Installation only takes a couple of minutes after unboxing it. The size is very compact; it is very easy to take away with you anywhere in the warehouse.

Rollo Label Printer comes with a speed of up to 150mm/s, which is quite impressive. You can use this printer effectively on Apple and Windows OS, which will just need 2 or 3 uses. Rollo printer is highly usable with its mobile phone print service.

Suppose the price is compared to its features and quality, this product worth its value. The print quality is standard on the default speed, but lowering the speed a bit can increase the quality of the print. Loading labels and instructions is very quick.



2)-DYMO 1755120 Label Writer For Shopify Business:

For the small business labeling Needs, the Dymo 1755120 Label writer will be the best choice. It can print a large range of printing formats with high-quality prints. The size is also very compact, making it easier to carry.

With Dymo Software, you can choose from 60 different label templates for different kinds of products. This software increases the usability of the printer with more customization. IT is also another reason this printer is part of the top label printers list.

 You can also download and print labels from a wide range of shipping platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc. Setting up the printer is also very easy. As this printer is not a high-end product, but it can print 53 standard 4-line labels in a minute.

This label printer from the Dymo brand is compatible with Windows and Mac OS; you just need to download and install the driver to start using it. Its size and its affordability make it the best product label printer for small business.

This Dymo printer uses thermal printing technology to print high-quality labels making it even greater. One is fully allowed to save a lot of money annually with the thermal printer as there is no need for ink/toner. This feature makes it the best Dymo label maker for shipping.



3)-Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer For Shopify:

When it comes to the best label printer for Shopify, there could not be any other better choice than Arkscan Label Printer. It can print customizable text or images, making it a versatile label printer. It uses thermal printing technology to print quality labels or name tags etc.

There are multiple connectivity options, such as LAN and USB connection. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi, but why a compact printer will need that. This printer is highly recommended by many printer experts due to its commercial-grade quality.

It comes with a free label making software, and you can customize hundreds of labels using this. It can directly print labels from eBay, Shopify, and Amazon, etc. It can also be used for printing stamps for products making it an even greater choice.

There is no need for refilling or replacing the toner as it uses thermal printing. With a thermal printer, one can save up to hundreds of dollars. The people who use thermal printing will know the cost of and heed of changing ink and toner.

The price of the printer is also very affordable; it will be a great option if you are low on budget.  For its price, the Arkscan 2054A worth its value.



4)-Zebra GK420d Shipping Label Printer For Shopify:

Zebra GK420d is a compact designed label printer with a commercial-grade quality. This p[rinter is considered the best label printer for Shopify for its small size and lightweight. It can print a variety of labels, graphics, and text.

The unit is very durable and lasts for years. Al the material used for its manufacturing is of high quality. It can fit anywhere on the desk with its small footprints. It is considered best for bulk printing wit hits the printing speed of 5 inches per second.

It can print almost all types of label papers with a maximum width of 4.25 inches. Inserting the new roll takes a quick snap. The printer is very easy to install and is compatible with most shipping platforms.

This printer allows multiple connectivity options, which are USB, Serial, and parallel port, to use with a different type of machine. The printing roll size should not exceed 5 inches as it can get jammed in it and can also damage the printer.

The Zebra GK420d comes with a 1-year limited warranty for its parts and units. You may claim your product if you think the product is not in perfect condition. The customer support service is also great, claiming warranty will not be an issue.



5)-Brother QL-800 Label Printer For Shopify:

If you are looking for a fast label printer, the Brother QL-800 will be the best option. This printer is known for its high performance and its durability, making it the best receipt printer for Shopify. If you want to print bigger labels or name tags, you should better look at some other printer.

Brother QL-800 is a bit expensive, but worth its value. You can print a variety of labels, tag names, and receipts. You can customize the labels and receipts, and it can print receipts of 2.4 inches wide and 36 inches long.

For its size, you can carry it anywhere without heed, just connect your laptop, and you are ready to print the labels. It is capable of printing sharp prints within a second. You can also use it with Android devices, making it an even greater choice. 

This print is recommended by many professional label printer users due to its high quality and quick prints. If set on Automatic, it can print 93 labels per minute, which is quite an impressive speed. The price is quite more than other products of the family, but the performance is also great.



6)-NETUM Shipping Label Printer For Shopify:

The Netum label printer is very much like the Rollo printer as most of the features are the same. It is a high-quality label printer and used for printing different types of labels. It is compatible with directly using the labels from e-commerce sites such as Amazon or Shopify.

 It is considered the best shipping label printer for online business as you can print directly from many e-commerce sites. It can print the label up to a size of 4 by 6 inches. This feature is highly like by shipping company guys, as it allows printing a range of labels.

It is an affordable choice as it does not use ink or toner for printing. You can use this printer with Mac OS and Windows. The size is great to take it anywhere in the warehouse. Small size printers are considered best for pasting labels one by one on each product; this reduces the chances of mistakes.

Not only is the unit of high quality, but also the print quality is great. It prints high-quality, sharp barcodes and characters that can be scanned quickly. You should have a look at its features which are as follow:



7)-BESTEASY Direct Thermal Printer For Shopify:

If you are a seller on Shopify and need a label printer, you must have a look at the Beateasy label printer. It will be a great investment in your business, as it makes labeling the products very easy and a quick process.

It uses thermal printing technology; there is no need to waste your money on ink or toner. It is a very compact design making it easier to carry to different parts of the warehouse. It is not be used on Mac OS, but it does work with Mac OS. 

It comes with easy to understand manual to use this efficiently. You can print a variety of labels from different e-commerce platforms. The print quality is also very high that keep in the top label printers list. It is an industrial-grade machine and will work for years.

This printer is a bit expensive when compared to other products of its kind, but the high-quality product is delivered. The printing speed of this label printer is 150 mm/second great when you need bulk shipping labels, which makes it the best shipping label printer for eCommerce.

This printer can be used for 12 hours continuously as it comes with heat dissipation technology. Not only for shipping or labeling work, but you can also use it for printing receipts and tags in stores or hospitals, etc.




All the above-reviewed products are great for shipping label printing, but the Rollo Label printer is the best of them. In terms of quality, performance, and price, no other product can match the Rollo label printer. If you are in need of a professional label printer, this printer deserves a chance.

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